Accueil Produits Advanced substrate for HB LEDs
Advanced substrate for HB LEDs

Advanced substrate for HB LEDs


This advanced, high-performance GaN semiconductor substrate for high-brightness LEDs leverages an innovative technology for transferring thin layers of very high quality GaN onto substrates compatible with the LED market's quality and cost requirements. The product's key differentiator is a lighting density per sq. mm that opens the door to new designs and applications. The product will target the LED and high-performance/high end lighting markets (general indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive lighting, consumer electronics, and video projectors, for example). High-brightness LED manufacturers will be interested in the product. Soitec also plans to develop a lighting lineup that takes advantage of this substrate's enormous potential.

L'histoire du produit

2005: Start of R&D work on growing and transferring the GaN film (funded by Soitec). 2006-2011: Nanosmart program in partnership with CEA-Leti to develop advanced substrates for GaN-based lighting. 2012: Project secures government funding for additional R&D. 2013: Licensing agreement signed with Sumitomo Electric. 2013: Development of Soitec Lighting lineup.
Investissement 30 million euros + (from the Nanosmart launch)
Emplois créés Around 50 jobs
Brevets déposés 150 patents filed
Délai de mise sur le marché 8 years

La société : Soitec

The Soitec Group's mission is to innovate and industrialize advanced engineered substrate for mobile, high-performance and advanced microelectronic applications.

Today, the company is the world’s leading supplier of SOI wafers, as well as an innovation l

Year founded 1992
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