Soitec FD-SOI substrate will enable the most advanced transistors in the microelectronics industry. FD-SOI, ideal for mobile applications, delivers high performance, ultra-low power consumption, and reliability--all at a competitive cost. Given FD-SOI's low power consumption and high reliability, Soitec is currently marketing the product mainly to the IoT and automotive industries. The product is also particularly well-suited to the high-performance, low-power processors used in low-end smartphones and tablets. What makes FD-SOI wafers so innovative is that the top and BOx layers are extremely thin and uniform. Soitec guarantees the final SOI layer's uniformity to within just a few atomic layers. The product targets processor designers and manufacturers for consumer electronics applications.

L'histoire du produit

Soitec's R&D programs have mainly focused on ultra-thin products since 2005 and have been facilitated and financed in part by French government funds to support R&D through the Nanosmart project (2006-2011) and Exact (2012-2015), a financing instrument of the French government's economic stimulus package. Soitec partnered with Leti and major industrial partners like IBM and STMicroelectronics to bring its FD-SOI product line to maturity. FD-SOI is gaining traction with manufacturers: Samsung chose 28 nm FD-SOI in 2014; and Global Foundries began running 22 nm and 12 nm FD-SOI in 2015 and 2016, respectively. The first consumer product built on FD-SOI technology was released on the Chinese market in 2016: the Amazfit smart sports watch manufactured by Huami (a partner of Xiaomi). The watch is equipped with a GPS chip etched on FD-SOI for record-breaking energy efficiency. The chip's technology enables an unrivalled battery life of 35 hours with the GPS activated--twice the maximum battery life of 16 hours promised by similar products.
Investissement Investment at Soitec Bernin plant during the project More than 50 million euros
Emplois créés 400
Brevets déposés 150
Délai de mise sur le marché 7 years

La société : Soitec

The Soitec Group's mission is to innovate and industrialize advanced engineered substrate for mobile, high-performance and advanced microelectronic applications.

Today, the company is the world’s leading supplier of SOI wafers, as well as an innovation l

Year founded 1992
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