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The Birdy-Tetra pager

The Birdy-Tetra pager


The Birdy-Tetra pager is a system that sends alerts to on-call emergency response and maintenance workers. It is the only dual-mode TETRA/GPRS pager in the world. The target markets are: - Emergency services (fire, police, and emergency medical) - Industry The pagers would be used by on-call personnel.

L'histoire du produit

With the support of Minalogic, TPL Systemes was able to work with Leti on making improvements to and integrating the miniaturized antennas. Without Leti, TPL Systemes would not have been able to complete this project.
Emplois créés 1
Financeurs Project financed by the IRT Nanoelec Easytech program, administered by Minalogic
En collaboration avec CEA DSIS

La société : STP Electronics

STP Electronics works 90% for electronic chart manufacturers in the aeronautics, space, military, automotive and home automation sectors.

Customers are either subcontractors, automotive suppliers (Valéo ...) or manufacturers of products that integrate electronics (Airbus, Thales, Sagem defense, start up .... ...)

STP Electronics to 3 departments namely:

  • Distribution department of machines or products that can serve our customers to manufacture their product (camera, varnishing machine, selective wave, traceability system, etc.)
  • Tooling department in which we design and realize fully in our workshops (design, machining, assembly) technical tools designed to help our customers to weld and / or convey their cards
  • Innovation department in which we design and realize in our workshops special machines, vision control systems and finally means of depanelisation of electronic boards
Year founded 2006
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